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HARDI Australia: Client Case Study

29/09/2021 1:27:31 AM / by Sarah Sanderson

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Find out how we turned a brief by Hardi Australia, the leaders in sprayer technology, into reality - and delivered on our promise of an effective, dynamic promotional video.


Promote complex new technology spray technology in an easily digestible two-minute video.


Use a mixture of footage and 3D animation to explain the key features of the innovative technology and leave the audience wanting to learn more.



HARDI INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in sprayer technology. Its Australian subsidiary, HARDI AUSTRALIA, manufactures sprayers and booms for the Australian and New Zealand market from its site in Adelaide, South Australia.



HARDI AUSTRALIA reached out to Anvil Media to help launch its innovative new selective sprayer system to the market, GEOSELECT.

The brief was to create a short promotional video that showcases GEOSELECT as a game-changing selective spray technology and highlights the key features that make it stand out against competitors in the market. This video was to be the centerpiece of its wider marketing strategy that included a live event

GEOSELECT represents a bold new way of thinking how weeds are controlled on broadacre farms. It works by firstly scanning a paddock with a drone to pinpoint the location of each weed in the paddock with centimetre precision. A spray map is then generated that farmers can send to their tractor. GPS positioning on the boom arm then commands when spray nozzles should turn on as the farmer drives the sprayer through the paddock. Having the spray map determined before setting foot in the tractor means that farmers will know the exact chemical quantity needed to complete the spray operation. The platform also provides speed recommendations based on weed infestations. Exciting stuff!




The video was to be shown at the official product launch night in Adelaide. Importantly, it was to play at the beginning of the evening and would be the attendees first introduction to the technology. Attending the event was a mixture of machinery dealers and local farmers, so it was important that the video content was pitched with some assumed knowledge on the topic of selective spraying.


With this insight on the video purpose and agricultural audience, Anvil Media determined that the video’s aim should be to grab the attention of the attendees, provide an overview of how the technology works and leave them itching to learn more



As GEOSELECT is a new entrant to the selective spraying market, it was vital to capture footage of it in action to prove that it exists and performs in typical Australian conditions.


Though given the short duration of the video and the amount of content to get across, animation offered an effective and visual way to explain the complex technology in an easy-to-understand way.


It was decided that the promotional video would have a strong 3D animation focus as well as footage of the GEOSELECT sprayer in action.


HubSpot Video

Animation also offered an opportunity for HARDI to leverage existing assets that it produced through a previous animation project. The asset HARDI provided was a basic 3D model of the GEOSELECT spray system. Anvil Media was then able to reanimate and further develop for the purposes of the promotional video.


At the time of planning, the window of opportunity to film the GEOSELECT technology in action was closing fast with the winter cropping season about to commence. Anvil Media created a script and coordinated a one-day shoot with the HARDI team at a property south of Balaklava, South Australia.


HubSpot Video



With footage collected and 3D animation underway, Anvil Media worked closely with the marketing and engineering team at HARDI to develop the promotional video. Careful attention was paid to ensure that the scenery of the animation reflected the Australian environment, gum trees and all. This would further set the video apart from promotional style videos from HARDI’s competitors, which usually featured noticeably North American or European backgrounds.



The finished product was an eye-catching promotional video that ran for just over a minute and a half. Bold text-on-screen throughout the video reflected HARDI AUSTRALIA’s brand and style, while sleek transitions between footage and animation gave a modern look and feel.


It was delivered on time for the launch event without a hitch. Just like the weeds that GEOSELECT technology targets – HARDI reckoned this video really hit the mark.


"Our launch was a huge success and everyone loved the video, hats off to you and your team on a job well done."
- Heath Thompson, Innovation Manager, HARDI Australia




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Sarah Sanderson

Written by Sarah Sanderson