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To Anvil Media, everything is interesting

09/11/2020 9:21:17 AM / by Darryl Anderson

“Everything is interesting,” says Anvil Media founder and video producer Darryl Anderson. He has made that theme central to the agency’s approach to creating video content.

“I’m habitually curious. I want to know about pretty much everything, so when a client is explaining an aspect of their business that they need to communicate, I don’t need to fake interest – I am interested!” Darryl said.

Darryl says that drive to understand underlies all successful strategic video production.

“The challenge of creating successful video content isn’t being able to capture stunning images and deliver excitement and visual impact. It’s not even about ‘telling your story’, as so many video producers are fond of saying. It’s understanding why your audience should care the way you want them to,” Darryl said.

Darryl adds the team achieves this by working collaboratively with the client to get into the fine detail so they understand the topic from every angle.

Curiosity is key for every project.

“Your subject has significance beyond the surface – whether for your workers’ safety, your customers’ lives, or your stakeholders’ engagement with your organisation. The Anvil team seeks to find out how to make it work for our clients.’

This approach also means, Anvil Media is able to work across multiple industries as team members go out of their way to listen, research and talk through topics. 

“We help the innovators and the doers, those that get their hands dirty, pioneer cutting-edge research and who work in and on our land,” Darryl said.  

“Stunning images and creative concepts are vital parts of the video producer’s toolkit,’ says Darryl. “But I think the measure of a true strategic video production company is what it does with more esoteric subject matter – protecting the diesel particulate filter on an expensive excavator, or explaining resistance evolution in insect pests.”

“Everything is interesting,” not just a slogan but a way to bring any topic to life.

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Darryl Anderson

Written by Darryl Anderson

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