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PODCAST: Managing Cereal Disease

For many South Australian growers, 2022 was a cracker season, but the weather and other factors did lead to some cereal disease.

So what does 2023 have in store, and what to do to keep disease at bay?

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A background in agriculture and career in co-ordinating metro television production make Camilla a great fit for Anvil and its clients. Where do you think Camilla is based? (HINT: It’s not a capital...

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PODCAST: Wet Harvest Grain Storage

Two consecutive wet harvests made this podcast particularly relevant to Australia's grain growers. Produced by Anvil Media for the Grains Research and Development Corporation and published in October...

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GRDC PODCASTS - 250 and going strong

The GRDC podcast series is in the Top 150 science podcasts on the Apple platform.. Produced by Anvil Media since 2018, we've now created more than 250 episodes of tractor-friendly content. Here's a...

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5 ESSENTIAL questions WHEN considering animation

Animation is a versatile tool for getting your message out there. But, it won’t solve all your video problems. It’s useful for explaining big concepts by breaking them down but can be harder to...

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