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How data can benefit agriculture

30/09/2019 10:52:46 AM / by Darryl Anderson

Australian farmers record a lot of yield data from their harvesters, but most never use it. Ben Fleay, CEO of Australian Company, Precision Agriculture, discusses what needs to change, and the company's vision for Australian farmers' use of GPS data to drive profitability.
"To most farmers yield data is just pretty maps that never get used effectively to draw some of sort of action from." says Ben.

We asked Ben how Precision Agriculture can change that.

"It's all about data, insight and action." 

"We aim to improve our farmers productivity and profitability through better, more informed management decisions to better their farm output." 

"Whether it's on-farm, for industry or government we collect, measure and interpret data to find opportunities for technology to deliver savings and unlock potential. We provide practical assistance and support to apply our findings to the real world."

Precision Agriculture is Australia's leading provider of agricultural services. From collecting the right information to great advice and help in the field, they offer a complete service for farmers looking to get more from every hectare.
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