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Building Australia’s AgTech momentum

10/09/2019 4:35:56 PM / by Darryl Anderson

Australia’s agricultural sector has many global competitive advantages, from a clean and green reputation to its proximity to Asian markets. While on-farm technology may not be currently be considered amongst these advantages, it is an area that is gaining rapid momentum across the industry.

The Anvil joins AgThentic CEO and founder Sarah Nolet to talk about Australia's AgTech expansion and the factors that are driving its growth.

“It’s about making sure that the technology being developed actually solve real problems, and that the people with those problems are connected to those technologies and well-suited to adopt and get value from them,” she said.

Ms Nolet said that she is optimistic and positive about the current status of AgTech in Australia.

“I would say two years ago the industry was aspirational and ambitious but wasn't really there yet,” Ms Nolet said.

“We now have a number of startups that are competitive globally, and we're attracting funding from traditional venture capitalists and offshore venture capitalists.

“It’s not that it's all about the money or the funding, but that is a good metric for how much of an ecosystem we've already built and how vibrant it's becoming.”

AgThentic is a global food and agriculture technology consulting firm, connecting the agricultural industry with technologies that solve problems and deliver on-farm value.

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