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Drones have revolutionised our story telling

11/09/2020 12:24:53 PM / by Darryl Anderson

Michael Neil-Smith the creative director here at Anvil Media says drones are the key tool that brings innovation, scale and perspective to media company’s agricultural clients’ messaging.

Take a look for yourself with this selection of drone vision from the agriculture sector to see how aerial footage brings drama and a whole new perspective.

“Prior to drones being commercially available, aerial footage required a helicopter and a daredevil camera operator. An expensive proposition that limited the footage to those with large budgets,” Michael said while reflecting on Anvil’s 20 year history.

Today, however, they can capture the same footage – if not better- for a fraction of the cost and without dangling a camera operator from great height! The below agricultural reel illustrates the versatility and innovation of the drone.

Michael said the video highlights the ability for a drone to capture the scale of an operation as it can pull back showing the big picture. He added it also gives a video a dynamism that effectively tells the story of innovation in the agricultural sector.

So important to the overall offering to clients that drones offer, Anvil has invested time and money to bring the skill in flying and capturing footage with a drone in-house. Michael points out they often carry a drone in the boot when working on assignment so when the opportunity presents itself, they can send a up drone often at no extra cost to the client.

The result is Anvil have built up the skill to not only operate a drone but also to take video to tell a story.

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Darryl Anderson

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