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Video educates against crop loss

23/09/2020 4:17:31 PM / by Darryl Anderson

With a bumper season comes the potential for significant economic losses if the crop is hit with a late frost event, which is why frost management education videos are an important part of GRDC’s pre-harvest communications. 

In response to the potential risk to Australia’s expected bumper crop, Anvil Media was asked by NSW DPI and the GRDC to create videos that help grain growers monitor for and respond to frost-damaged wheat and canola.

Tony Crowley, Anvil Media’s supervising producer, pointed out for the videos to be successful they had to draw on credible and reliable field experts.

“Your target audience wants credible opinion so we had a leading frost research scientist deliver the 'damage ID' message direct to camera and supported the information with macro lens shots of frost damage for real impact,” Tony said.

Watch the videos below produced by Anvil Media for NSW DPI and the GRDC to know what to look for and how to manage frost damage.


As a rule of thumb, frost occurs when the temperature falls below 2 degrees Celsius and can impact small pockets of crop or be widespread within a paddock.

The goal of the video is to encourage grain growers to get out into the paddock immediately after a frost to inspect their crop for possible damage.

With the use of a NSW DPI expert we outlined where they should start looking, what symptoms to look for on the plant and recommend they return a week later to confirm whether or not there is frost damage.

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