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Why Video is a Must for Agribusiness Marketing in 2022?

30/11/2021 11:57:43 AM / by Darryl Anderson

Video has become one of the most pervasive forms of communication in the world today. For some industries – such as retail, travel, and construction– video marketing makes great sense right off the bat. After all, they have a lot of visual elements. But if you’re wondering if it makes sense to have video as part of marketing strategy for agribusiness, then you’re not alone. 

The reality is that using video for agribusiness can give you significant benefits that will allow you to attract clients, suppliers, and employees alike. In this article, we consider why you need to make video part of your marketing strategy for agribusiness.


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Five Reasons to Use Video for Agribusiness 


1. Video can help increase awareness about your company

Reaching out to customers can be particularly hard these days, especially because of intense competition for attention. A video can help cut through by offering a short and snappy introduction to your company.

From an engaging introduction, to behind-the-scenes footage, to an interview with customers, including farmers, you’ll be able to engage with new customers by letting them know what you do, and also show that your company delivers on its promises.

You’ll also be able to share new research on your areas of expertise - cropping, markets, animal nutrition and more, making you a valuable asset that customers will want to work with. 





2. Video can be an effective demonstration platform for agri-machinery

If you are an agribusiness that markets machinery, video is a critical part of the strategy. 

Technical reports and specification sheets fail to do justice to the effectiveness and power of your machines. But you can actually validate how your machine works and how it benefits agricultural operations through a video. 

In fact, you can use video to address any questions or concerns buyers may have about your agri-machinery, and show how it has solved real problems for your satisfied customers. This type of quick engagement will encourage them to choose you over other sellers since it indicates responsive customer service. 




3. Video can facilitate active engagement between the company and stakeholders   

Live videos and webinars offer a great platform for speaking directly to your stakeholders. From announcing product launches to sharing information about service updates to answering Q&As, there’s a lot you can do with live videos.

Invite other customers or experts in the field to talk and share key information that your stakeholders will love to know. And include pre-recorded, pre-produced video content to add engagement and take your audience on a journey.  

Another great reason for using live video for agribusiness – you can literally hold these engagement sessions from anywhere.

From out in the paddock to sitting in your boardroom, you can give your stakeholders a window into your company. This can be very informative and compelling for stakeholders who may want to work with you or buy from you. 





4. Video can allow you to track which leads and pipelines to nurture 

Today, we have tools that allow you to analyze a video’s engagement in depth. These video analytics will tell you: 

o How many views you have 

o What location are the viewers from 

o How long they have watched the video 

o At what point they exited 

o How many clicked your links and explored your website 

o How many put the product in the cart 

o How many completed purchase 

….and so on. 


This can give you tremendous insight into the leads and funnels you need to actively nurture and which ones you should save your resources on. 




5. Video can show your tell your provenance story 

Customers want to know that the products they buy are produced or created responsibly. For agricultural produce, that’s about the care for land, environment, people and communities.

For agricultural machinery, that’s about showing that your product is backed by quality processes and ethical production.

Use video to show your customers (or their customers) the value and values behind the products they consume. Your video for agri-business can show how your products and services are eco-conscious and safe.

If they’re impressed, their patronage to your customer will increase, and in turn, your customer’s patronage of you will increase too.


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So, now that you know why a video for agribusiness is essential, consider making video

as part of your marketing strategy for agri-business for 2022. 


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